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Mr. Basketball

Hear this sensational classic.  Mr. Basketball tells his own life story.   The good times, the bad times, the NBA and WNBA.  He speaks about Jordan, Chamberlain, Bird, West, Dr. J and Sonny Hill.   Hear his last championship game how he became the MVB and inducted in the Hall of Fame. 
A Message From Me To You: 
As we evolve in our life time, due to the continuous love and blessings from our Creator, we have an obligation to grow in our spiritual and self awareness to help us as we accept and cope with life's daily challenges.  

We achieve this by constantly growing from within, seeking knowledge and wisdom to fortify and govern ourselves by.  We are all part of our God's Creation.  As we grow in our years we must come together to respect and accept our fellow human beings, regardless of race, color, creed or ethnic group. 

If we are to survive on this planet of Mother earth, we all must establish and energize Her with the growth and spiritual elements of Love and Happiness and Peace for all. These essentials are the most powerful forces, we, as people can provide for the nurturing and growth of our children, the welfare of our elderly, and the compassion for our poor. 
A better environment of our nation and the betterment of our world depends greatly on us all.  With the wealth and talent we possess, we must find a way for understanding, harmony and togetherness, here and now. 
                                                                                                                                                                              Peace and Love to All,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mr.   James L. Webb    

​Out of My Darkness 

Out of My Darkness
The Miracle of our Creator's greatest gift to mankind, our birth.  It speaks of our creation in that sacred darkness where only God had eyes to see and create us all.  It tells of the journey among the stars and through the twilight of the galaxies of the heavenly dimensions as we grew and bonded with all things, as one.  It speaks of that precious and sacred process of our birth into mortality where only God could allow such to happen.  It speaks of God's one sacred demand to take us in our purity and prepare us with the knowledge and wisdom to allow us to travel that pathway of life back to that darkness from wince we came.

"Be Kings Again"
James L. Webb
​The family is the seedbed of virtue and the basis for political stability and economic success.
                        Mr. Webb

​Get caught up in the game with this action packed football CD.  The Creed is a commitment that the chosen few win super bowls.  Simply a must for any and all football and sports fans.  Another classic for your collection.

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