Sistas should take care of their hair with natural elements like their ancestors. Use olive oil, almond, coconut or mineral oil and scent it with a oils such as sandalwoodYou don't need straightening combs and chemicals to look beautiful. Don't be fooled or made a fool of. There is nothing artificial about being beautiful.
If you notice all the beauty trends are about you, The full lips via silicone shots, afro wigs and chemical hair sprays to stiffen the hair like "mousse." Don't forget the tradition of biohazard tanning machines and brown stockings. These examples prove what their idea of beauty is. Be proud of who you are.

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The Zulu queen Nandi, mother of Shaka Zulu
 (early 19th century)
Nandi, with other women surrounding Shaka, was put in charge of military kraals and given power to govern while he was on campaign. Nandi was a force for moderation in Shaka's life, suggesting various political compromises to him rather than violent action. At her death, in an orgy of grief, he committed extreme violence against his own people for not mourning correctly. - R. de R., Nicaragua

The Godess Nefertiti
The God HATSHEPSUT, ruler during one of the most powerful dynasties in ancient Kemet
The X chromosome is 5x bigger then the Y...
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What’s so bad about hair straightening?
Most of us already know that using heat or chemicals for hair straightening isn’t good for us.burned faceS with styling tools and inhaling funky chemical smells from straightening balms. Few products are cross-tested to check for dangerous chemical reactions. Any heat applied to hair, whether it is through a blow-dryer, hot rollers, curling iron, or flat iron damages the hair and can leave it dry or brittle. These chemicals are also linked to problem ​ pregnancies, disruption in brain frequency and other biological problems.
Do you prefer your mate natural...or otherwise??YES
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Never took the issue serious
Little is known about this 3rd Dynasty hidden power. She was the mother of Djoser and ruled in her own right for a while. She was probably Pharaoh’s favorite for she is referred to as the Great Royal Wife and Mother of the King’s Children

The Celtic (Iceni) queen Boadicea (first century AD)
"She was a homgongous headache for the Romans until she swallowed poison to avoid being caught." - Nicaragua  

"I am a natural black woman, dark tone, kinky hair full lips round hips an all that comes with it and you know i wouldn't want it any other way."

Razia Sultana (ruled Delhi, 1236-40 A.D.)
Razia, who ruled during the Mughal era in India, was "the only woman who ever sat on an Indian throne." It was her father who wished her accession to his throne, over her brothers. Once there, she dressed as a man and appeared in public with her face uncovered. Her her choice of a lower class lover and unfortunate military losses led to her downfall." - S. & R. de R..
Razia's ancestors were Moslems of Turkish descent who invaded India in the 11th century. Like other Moslem princesses, she was trained to lead armies and administer kingdoms if necessary. Contrary to custom, her father selected her over her brothers to be his successor....She established peace and order, encouraged trade, built roads, planted trees, dug wells, supported poets, painters, and musicians, constructed schools and libraries, appeared in public without the veil, wore tunic and headdress of a man. State meetings were often open to the populace at large. Yet, she made enemies when she tried to eliminate some of the discriminations against her Hindu subjects. She died in battle trying to regain her kingdom." - Leela S.

She ruled India not for a long period but as long as she ruled, ruled very bravely and courageously. She finally fell victim of palace intrigue and was killed by the people on whom the responsibility of her protection was bestowed. - 
The entire system of slavery was dedicated to preventing nuwabians from preserving any memories of Kemet, and, ancestorial tribal identities, the languages, and the customs practiced, the Gods that were worshipped, even African names and definitions. Slavery was a carefully conceived effort to rob nuwabians of their family ties and the basic sense of self-knowledge. 
Female inheritable mitochondrial DNA (MTDNA) passes ony from the mother to all of her children, and from her daughters to their children, and so on. Therefore you and your mother's sister's child have identical mtDNA. A human mitochondrial 'tree' built upon small changes over great periods of time (aka mutations) contains two dozen distinct branches. There is a sequence in the region of the (MTDNAthat is 1116 base pairs long and in addition test for 22 mutations that define the branches in the mitochondrial tree. The combination of these results provide geographical matches when compared against African databases. 

The X chromosome is 5x larger than the Y
The X chromosome spans about 155 million base pairs and the chromosome spans about 58 ...
The X chromosome is much larger; about 2,000 genes compared to The chromosome which contains only about 50 genes.
​The chromosome is 5xbigger an the y
The X chromosome has 2.8 more genetic material then the y in the same sperm specimen.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, on July 16, 1862. She was a journalist who led an antilynching crusade in the United States in the 1890s and went on to found and become integral in groups striving for justice for African Americans. 
Queen of Egypt, 14th Century B.C.

Nefertiti was the powerful wife of Akhenaton, who worshiped a new religion honoring only one God, Aten. She later rejected this way of life, backing her half-brother who re-established the old worship of the sun-god Amon and other ancient deities. Her beauty was immortalized in exquisite sculptures made at the time.

Was a powerful ruler in Egypt even before she assumed the title of Pharaoh. She had a peaceful reign promoting trade and the arts. Her beautiful temple at Deir el-Bahri still stands west of Thebes. 
She wore a fake beard to represent the male as well.

Ma'at, Goddess of Truth, Balance, Order... Ma'at is most commonly associated with, and often symbolized by a feather, specifically the Feather of Truth...a spiritual symbol as well as a cosmic energy or force which pervades the entire universe. She is the symbolic embodiment of world peace,justice, truth of the cosmic world and the heart.
We Honor our       SOUL KIDS

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The mysterious fluid in the Mitochondrial DNA is called the MatrixTHE FACTFINDERS
Her colony is a scandal before the whole world. The era of murders and mutilations has, as we hope, passed by, but the country is sunk into a state of cowed and hopeless slavery.  It is not a new story, but merely another stage of the same. When Belgium took over the Congo State, she took over its history and its responsibilities also.
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Leopold II of Belgium    Leopold III of  Belgium
Read about the rape, murder and slavery of the Congo
Leopold of Belgium
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"The future of a race is in the hands of the mothers"
                                Balance Mag.

​                      W.W.O.S.B


   "When women suffer the children suffer"

will be a no-compromise campaign aimed at stopping the abuse and negative perspectives, that females encounter.

  Most adults are aware of a female that has been abused or sexually violated at least ounce in their life. The Balance Project (w.o.s.b.) campaign will network with various groups that run parallel to our initiative. 

   "Men will change when women demand nothing less than a change for the better".   

        Our Message to the Male
 and females is to never participate in a "train" ,"rape" or abuse of women.  You are not less than a man, if you treat a female equal. If anything your more of a man, because you don’t see her as a threat. Loving behavior, stimulate loving feelings. When women suffer the children suffer. Male leaders need to stop exploiting our women as well.

        The Balance Project (W.O.S.B.) 
We will be networking with women crisis, empowerment groups and various others who feel as we feel.
N.C. chapter of W.O.S.B. will be pushing the same agenda, and updates on all activities will be posted on various websites of businesses we network with. 

Stem Cells
A stem is a "beginner" or undifferentiated cell, which retains the ability both to keep dividing for self renewal of its population and to become specialized in certain conditions. Embryonic
stem cells occur in the early embryo, and have the ability to differentiate into any of the 200 plus types of specialized cells in the eventual body. Adult stem cells occur in certain tissue, where they multiply rapidly as part of ongoing maintenance. In the bone marrow, they produce millions of different blood cells every second.

A genome is the full set of genetic instructions for a living thing, controlling its development from a single cell into a complex adult body. The human genome consists of an estimated 30,000-35,000 genes, carried on the double set of 46 chromosomes found in nearly every kind of body cell. 
Mitochondrial have their own DNA (also known as mtDNA), RNA, and ribosome's, and there fore can make many of their own proteins. Unlike nuclear DNA, which is arranged on chromosomes, the Mitochondrial DNA molecule forms circular, double-stranded chains that are 16,500 base pairs in length. Each change has 37 genes, 13 that code for proteins, 22 for transfer RNAs, and 2 for ribosomes RNAs. There are more than 1,000 identical molecules of MTDNA in humansMitochondrial DNA has been used to study genetic relationships because it has a high mutation rate and is inherited through the mother, thereby making it possible to trace specific genetic lines.

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Join us as we explore the mysteries of the woman, and her role on the planet; how her beginnings could not have come from a rib; Is it, mother Neter or Nature? The genetic differences in X and Y chromosomes and their chemical reactions; Woman in the Bible and her role in changing history; Her Biological clock and transformations during pregnancy; Willie Lynch "The Breaking Process of the Black Woman" and how it's relevant; Is there a conspiracy against her? Her undeclared civil war with the black male and their views; How family break-up became apart of black culture; how her eating habits, prescription drugs, and contraception choices affect her blood-brain barrier and DNA; Whose making choices for her children as a single parent mother? Are male leaders guiding the woman with the right information? How she was always proud of her hair and used it as a political and cultural statement to chemical relaxers and wild colors; what are so many male rappers trying to convey about black women? From her powerful pass to her humble present, we explore the woman and her multiple transformations as life-givers.
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