Let us return to the still unexplained reasons for the termination of Admiral Byrds Operation Highjump. After his fleet precipitously left the Antarctic at the beginning of March 1947, Richard Byrd conducted his only interview with Lee Van Atta, the El Mercurio newspaper correspondent from Santiago, Chile, who was allowed to accompany the expedition as a journalist. Van Atta wrote: Admiral Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile airplanes originating from Polar Regions? He also emphasized, it is important to remain in alarm status and be vigilant along the entire ice belt, which is the last bulwark against an invasion?

According to the Russian military man Wasiljew, upon returning to Washington, Byrd supposedly spoke of an assault on the expedition an assault by flying saucers that surfaced out of the water at high speeds and caused drastic losses to the naval unit!

Experienced fighter pilot John Sayerson, witness and crew member of the expedition supposedly described the dramatic battle of, February 26, 1947 with the following words:The things popped out of the water like they were being chased by the devil and flew at such high speeds between the masts that the antennae between the wind eddy ripped. Some airplanes that were able to get into the air off the Casablanca were hit moments later by unfamiliar blasts that came from the flying saucers and crashed next to the ships. I was on deck the Casablanca at the time and was totally taken aback. These 
things did not make a single sound as they flew between our ships and spit deadly fire. Suddenly, the torpedo boat destroyer Maddock, which was about 10 cable lengths (less than 2 miles) away from us, went up in flames and began to sink. 
Rescue boats from other ships were sent despite the danger. The nightmare lasted about 20 minutes. When the flying saucers dove again under the water we began to count our losses. They were appalling.
By Ursula Seiler

 Most people are unaware that Hitler and the Nazi Germans were not just warmongers like the media portray them. The Germans under Adolf Hitler were one of the first nations to reach the inner earth. Hitler assembled a team of elite and intelligent scientist and engineers who were experts in many fields including aerodynamics. 

Press Chief  
Chief Photographer Hoffman
Surgeon Dr. Brant
Head of secret police Heinrich Himmler
Personal Adjustment Bruckner
Chief Physician Dr. Morrel
Ordinance Officer H. Shultz
Army Adjuta Engle
Personal Advisor Wunshe
Personal Adjutant Bruckner
There were 12 weapons Hitler's scientist were creating:
1.Flying Disc (as you see today)
2.Combat Tank Formed from one solid piece
3.Sound Wave weapons to control and damage the mind of crowds (as you see today)
4.Advanced laser beams (as you see today)
5.Flaming artificial Clouds (as you see today)
6.Super robot bombs (as you see today)  
7.Electrical charged clouds (as you see today)
8.Sensational Shell to pierce armor (as you see today)
9.Eletromagnetic KM-2 Rockets
10.Paralyzing ray guns "stun gun" (as you see today)
11.Electonic Lightning Bulb
12.Flying Bottle Tube

Their main weapon was the flying disc. They were hooked on the free energy, (being able to fly without refueling).
Free ammunition weapons by converting gravitational energy from the magnetic field of the planet. As time went on, they became more and more advanced.

Our Mission is to develop through an active partnership with the community and self sufficient citizens, who possess the right-knowledge, self-esteem and motivation to continue individual growth, solve complex problems, and respect cultural differences.

In total, there were 62 children outside of the school at the time, and most of the teachers were inside the school at a meeting. It was reported that only one adult was supervising the recess that morning, a mother of one of the children. She operated a snack bar for the students, selling soft drinks, candies, and other favorites.

There had been reports of UFOs in the skies over Zimbabwe only two days before, but it is unlikely that any of the students were aware of these reports. Ariel was a private elementary school, hosting students of all backgrounds. Several of the children stated that they had seen three unknown flying objects in the skies over the school prior to the landing. Students saw the UFOs disappear then reappear in a different place in the sky. Finally, at least one of the UFOs either landed, or hovered just above the ground. 

The UFO was only about 100 meters from the students at play. The object was in a heavily wooded area, which was off limits to the students for safety concerns. Soon, what the students described as a "small man" could be seen on the top of the UFO. The occupant of the craft was described as being about one meter (3 ft.) tall, with a slender neck, long black hair, and very large eyes. He walked down the craft, and proceeded in the direction of the children.

When he noticed the children, he disappeared, and was next seen in the back of the UFO. Within moments, the craft took off, vanishing into the sky over the school. Many of the children were understandably frightened, the little man had evoked many stories they had heard about demons and ghosts. Some of the children ran to the mother who was attending the snack bar, but she did not believe their story, and continued with her duties. 

Two of Ufology's most respected investigators researched the Ariel School sighting. Cynthia Hind, now deceased, was known as Africa's top notch researcher, and she was at the school the next day. She requested the school's headmaster, Colin Mackie, to ask the children to make drawings of what they had seen the day before. When Hind arrived at the school, there were some 35 various drawings and sketches waiting for her. They were very similar in their depictions of the craft and being. 

Mackie told Hind that she felt the children were telling the truth about what they had seen. One of the students, a young girl, told Hind, "I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth."

62 children witness the angelic beings.....
As we have stated before, there are multitudes of societies and cultures throughout the vastness' of space, and these societies and cultures have been on and off this planet from the very beginning. It is not only they the pleiadians, Zetas, etc who come to assist, but are one grouping, from one star system.
There are many who have journeyed here for many reasons. The majority of extra terrestrials are here for your up-liftment. There are also those who are here for other reasons.

​                           Men in Black come looking for UFO witness?

The API team did an excellent job in detailing the two sightings. They also obtained the original hotel surveillance tape that shows the two men in black later visiting the hotel. Very strangely however, they did not make note of the date of the visit itself.

Hotel staff say that these two very strange looking men in black came looking for the hotel manager and asking about the UFO sightings. We don't have details on exactly what was asked. However, as it happened the hotel manager was out at the time, so there were two staff members that talked to the men in black.

In asking for the manager, there were several things that disturbed the staff greatly. The hotel manager describes the details in his recollection of the events. Those recollections are dubbed over a loop of the original hotel lobby video footage.

The staff think they were dealing with a real alien or at least something, very, very strange.
Is this a possible grey alien video?

Was this an alien encounter?
The manager reports that two staff members came to him about these strange men in black asking for him.

The bellman described them as:
• odd looking
• really, really tall
• identical height
• wearing exact same clothes
• exact same faces, like they were twins
• wearing same outfit: black suits, black trench coats and old-fashioned fedora hats
• had extremely pale skin
• "they freaked my out"

The next day, the tour guide reported that they:
• said strange things she didn't understand
• talked about government and conspiracies - none of it made any sense
• were very, very scary, because they
○ had no facial hair - no eyebrows, no eyelashes
○ their hair looked like a wig that was attached to the hat
○ eyes were very big, very blue, almost hypnotizing
○ did not blink, even once
○ seemed to know what she was thinking
• Although she couldn't describe how she sensed that they knew what she was thinking, she was frightened enough to feel that she needed to think about something else.

                                               Watch the hotel lobby security video of the strange men in black.

From a Letter to Russ Hamerly... 

While exploring Google Earth I came across these unlabeled black structures in Antarctica. I looked closer and was intrigued to see the circular marks on the snow pack, measuring about 100 feet across. The structures are at 71 40 19.71 South, 2 49 38.50 West. Now I don't feel like I'm the only one who knows about them. I hope this is something.

I had a very close UFO sighting around 1959/60. The sighting left me 100% convinced that we are being observed and visited by something and someone unexplained.

What makes me suspicious about this location is that: 
1. The "structures" are not labeled, when every other man made detail in Antarctica seems to be labeled. 
2. There are 100 feet diameter circular marks on the snow. 
3.The large black box structures dwarf other habitations such as India's base.
4. The huge gaping black structures appear to have no bottom, making them look like caves.

I might be assuming too much but, curiosity is a thing of mine, sometimes good sometimes not. Thanks for your interest and prompt response.

Investigator's Notes: I verified that the box structures are near the location of the geographical coordinates supplied by the witness. I turned on all labels in Google Earth and the structures were not labeled. However, I don't believe that this necessarily means that they are not manmade. I don't see the 100 foot circular rings in the snow referenced by the witness. Suspicious objects and structures have been showing up on Google Earth images in the past few years. Some of these images seem to show unknown aerial vehicles. I don't know what these structures are or who they belong to. 

"We have explained that the magnetic alignment of Planet X or the Earth, either along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun or in a side-by-side arrangement, are represented by the bars along the time line. In asymmetrical diagrams, likewise, diverse placements of these instances represent the drama to come as different placements of the planets during the dance of the passage. Where two bars exist, this is a single side-by-side arrangement for a single planet, but dual bars represent two planets in a side-by-side arrangement. Likewise, horizontal bars indicate more than one planet aligned end-to-end along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun."
 Peace to the Zetas reteculi and the Balance Project
This is your brain on sugar: UCLA study shows high-fructose diet sabotages learning, memory eating more omega-3 fatty acids can offset damage, researchers say....

The disk has been deciphered using the standard 8 bit binary code known as ASCII (American Standard Code for information Interchange). The cipher starts from the center of the disk and spirals outward counter-clockwise. Notethis is the same read pattern of your compact disc or DVD uses.

The empty spaces represent the binary number of ZERO and the blocks represent the binary number ONE.

The study focused on fructose generally, not specifically on high-fructose corn syrup; that high-fructose corn syrup is not necessarily "six times sweeter" than cane sugar; and that Americans consume approximately 35 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup per capita annually, not "more than 40 pounds." The researcher's quote in Paragraph 6 has also been changed slightly to avoid the implication that the study focused solely on high-fructose corn syrup.
"We're more concerned about the fructose in high-fructose corn syrup, which is added to manufactured food products as a sweetener and preservative."
Gomez-Pinilla and study co-author Rahul Agrawal, a UCLA visiting postdoctoral fellow from India, studied two groups of rats that each consumed a fructose solution as drinking water for six weeks. The second group also received omega-3 fatty acids in the form of flaxseed oil and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which protects against damage to the synapses  the chemical connections between brain cells that enable memory and learning.
"DHA is essential for synaptic function brain cells' ability to transmit signals to one another," Gomez-Pinilla said. "This is 
the mechanism that makes learning and memory possible. Our bodies can't produce enough DHA, so it must be supplemented through our diet."

The animals were fed standard rat chow and trained on a maze twice daily for five days before starting the experimental diet. The UCLA team tested how well the rats were able to navigate the maze, which contained numerous holes but only one exit. The scientists placed visual landmarks in the maze to help the rats learn and remember the way. A Six weeks later, the researchers tested the rats' ability to recall the route and escape the maze. What they saw surprised them.

"The second group of rats navigated the maze much faster than the rats that did not receive omega-3 fatty acids," Gomez-Pinilla said. 
"The DHA-deprived animals were slower, and their brains showed a decline in synaptic activity. Their brain cells had trouble signaling 
each other, disrupting the rats' ability to think clearly and recall the route they'd learned six weeks earlier."
The DHA-deprived rats also developed signs of resistance to insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar and regulates synaptic function in the brain. A closer look at the rats' brain tissue suggested that insulin had lost much of its power to influence the brain cells.
 "Because insulin can penetrate the blood brain barrier, the hormone may signal neurons to trigger reactions that disrupt learning and cause memory loss," Gomez-Pinilla said.
He suspects that fructose is the culprit behind the DHA-deficient rats' brain dysfunction. Eating too much fructose could block insulin's ability to regulate how cells use and store sugar for the energy required for processing thoughts and emotions.

"Insulin is important in the body for controlling blood sugar, but it may play a different role in the brain, where insulin appears to disturb memory and learning," he said. "Our study shows that a high-fructose diet harms the brain as well as
the body. This is something new."
Then also eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds. 
"Our findings suggest that consuming DHA regularly protects the brain against fructose's harmful effects," said Gomez-Pinilla. "It's like saving money in the bank. You want to build a reserve for your brain to tap when it requires extra fuel to fight off future diseases."

The UCLA study was funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Gomez-Pinilla's lab will next examine the role of diet in recovery from brain trauma.
A total of eleven magazine pages enlightens readers as to what the Reich Germans knew about UFO technology at the end of the Second World War, and whether they really were able to travel through time and space. Renowned Russian military experts and members of the American secret service talk about the top-secret technical developments of the Nazi period, and what the modern H.A.A.R.P. project has to do with this. Also read the diary of Richard E. Byrd, the American Admiral who flew to the middle of the earth in 1947 and found a far superior race in terms of technology and ethics. Current world leaders still wish to withhold his startling chronicles from us even today  and with good reason. Even today strange things are happening at the South Pole.

Regarding reincarnation. It exists. Through the Rule of Forgetfulness you do not remember your past lives during an incarnation, unless circumstances cause you to remember. Each life, or incarnation, has a focus, a lesson. You may or may not succeed in learning this lesson, and in this case this lesson will be before you in future lives. Some entities learn faster than others. Some backslide, and need to repeat prior lessons. Progress in the lessons may be made in either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other path. Some lessons are harder to learn in this orientation or that. Entities sometimes find themselves switching orientations during lessons, but this is rare and usually fleeting.

The Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other orientation involves not just the choice of what one's goals are, it involves how one relates to others while attempting to reach those goals.

For instance, the Service-to-Self oriented entity desires to surround itself with luxury and other entities under its control. When interfacing with others, it concentrates on effecting domination, whether by fear and intimidation or by bribery. The Service-to-Others oriented entity has different goals, to assist others with their problems and to work jointly toward mutual goals. When interfacing with others, it moves toward clarifying the goals of the group, and then volunteering a role in reaching those goals.
Zeta Reticuli
Indeed there is a science to everything, however most are unaware of that fact. The Balance Project, fact finders, and the think tank have networked to become a reliable source of info. Education and information is the core of their doctrine. Peace to all the reliable authors, psychologist, archeologist, musicians, and star systems that assist us in our research and info. Science of the month can vary from one, three or year, depending on how complex the issue.
The Wonders of Water: Amazing Secrets for Health and Wellness
Water prevents and helps to cure heartburn.
Heartburn is a signal of water shortage in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a major thirst signal of the human body. The use of antacids or tablet medications in the treatment of this pain does not correct dehydration, and the body continues to suffer as a result of its water shortage. Not recognizing heartburn as a sign of dehydration and treating it with antacids and pill medications will, in time, produce inflammation of the stomach and duodenum, hiatal hernia, ulceration, and eventually cancers in the gastrointestinal tract, including the liver and pancreas.
Water prevents and helps to cure arthritis.
Rheumatoid joint pain - arthritis - is a signal of water shortage in the painful joint. It can affect the young as well as the old. The use of pain-killers does not cure the problem, but exposes the person to further damage from pain medications. Intake of water and small amounts of salt will cure this problem.

Water prevents and helps to cure back pain.
Low back pain and ankylosing arthritis of the spine are signs of water shortage in the spinal column and discs - the water cushions that support the weight of the body. These conditions should be treated with increased water intake - not a commercial treatment, but a very effective one. Not recognizing arthritis and low back pain as signs of dehydration in the joint cavities and treating them with pain-killers, manipulation, acupuncture, and eventually surgery will, in time, produce osteoarthritis when the cartilage cells in the joints have eventually all died. It will produce deformity of the spine. It will produce crippling deformities of the limbs. Pain medications have their own life-threatening complications.

Through her advanced studies in the field of quantum mechanics and the laws of cellular and biological regeneration of our DNA, Dr.Harrison was led to the discovery of the value of water, its physical, and spiritual properties as the key to our rejuvenation and longevity. Thus she devoted some 25 years traveling the globe and meeting with scientists from EuropeAfrica and Asia who were advanced in the discoveries of this new water technology which she made available in her public lectures, which were packed with the scientific proof and evidence of the effects of this clean, sanitized water sourceShe later became one of the distributors of certain Electrolysis Machines and other special waters with healing properties for humanity. To this end she devoted the latter part of her life's work as a service to humanity.

The late Dr. Mona Harrison whom died under mysterious circumstances. She is also the former Director of the International Water CouncilDr. Mona Harrison received her (degrees) and medical training at the University of Maryland, Harvar University and the Boston University Medical Centers. She is the former assistant dean of the Boston University School of Medicine and former chief medical officer at the Washington, D.C. General Hospital. She directed the trauma center, emergency center, and outpatient services. Prior to her passing, she specialized in pediatrics and family medicine

There had been reports of U.F.O.s in the skies over Zimbabwe??
Ezekiel 47:12"Nature is the key to all sicknesses"
Dr. Hayashi?We are advancing the theory that the most effective and economical source of an antioxidant is ordinary water after it is filtered and treated with a water Ionizer?

Contaminated mother's milk
In 1976, the EPA analyzed the breast milk of vegetarian women, and discovered the levels of pesticides in their milk to be far less than the average. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine made a similar comparison, and found:
"The highest levels of contamination in the breast milk of the vegetarians, was lower than the lowest level of contamination (in) non-vegetarian women....The  vegetarian levels were only one or two percent as high as the average levels in the United States."
This is a tremendously important statistic. The breast milk of the average vegetarian nursing mother in the United States contains only one or two percent of the pesticide contamination as that experienced in the national average.
The future of all races, resides in the hands of the mother.
On August 15th of 2002 in a wheat field in HampshireUK., the discovery of a highly sophisticated, detail and complex crop circle with so-called" alien" face and disk had surfaced. Many many schools of thought from all over the world have gravitated to this particular crop, to decipher the disk. Its known to be the "Maldekian Crop Circle." The face is of a particular species of Greys also known as Maldekians or Reticulan who are originally from the binary star Zeta Reticuli. The move to the planet Maldek (aka Valkun) which was 27,500 miles in diameter and located between Lahmu (Mars) and Kishar(Jupiter) before its had its collision with the planet size Craft Nibiru.
Calorie-A measure of the amount of energy stored in food. Once calorie is equal to the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius.
Carbohydrates and Proteins
Carbohydrates and protein have four calories per gram, fat contains NINE calories per gram, and alcohol has seven calories per gram. Carbohydrate is a mix molecule of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The most basic carbohydrates are called simple sugars. Examples, honey, and fruit. Here is a list of some positive carbohydrates

Fruits Pita bread
Vegetables Whole wheat's 
Brown rice Fig bars
Barley Legumes
Oatmeal High fiber cereal

 timeline shape. The bars side-by-side indicate a magnetic alignment.

Chocolate is loved world wide and used for a variety of belief systems. When chocolate is located by the desired eye, "sweets and the love of them "is all that comes to mind. However, there is a sour and dark side of chocolate that their eyes haven't seen. 'The Dark Side of Chocolate' is a documentary about the continued allegations of trafficking of children and child abuse on the international scale.

Dual bars are indeed shown on the Claford crop circle, so a magnetic dance is being diagramed.
The core message of the code read as such;

The Maldekian Crop 
The BP Science of the Month 6/11/12
9/12/12 The BP
9/11/2012 Issue
Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Richard Byrd during his stay in Antarctica in 1947 when he flew into the inner earth (the painting portrays the North Pole). To the left is a NASA satellite image from the South Pole (1968, photographed by ESSA 7). To the right is a schematic representation of the inner earth.

When we are born, our bodies are filled with a water that has a specific clustered form, Dr. Harrison said. Especially the brain and liver have water that has a large number of negatively charged hydrogen ions. A water cluster is a ring of six molecules that share common hydrogen bonds. The six-sided shape enters the cell most easily, like a master key that opens the locks on many doors. In its free state in nature, the water molecule has two positively charged hydrogen ions and one negatively charged oxygen ion. Cellular processes in plants and animals store energy in the hydrogen ions by capturing free electrons. The stored electrons change the hydrogen ions from a positive charge to a negative charge. A healthy cell is a miniature hydroelectric station; water flows in and out; energy is produced and stored.
We Honor Dr. Mona Harrison
New Crop Circle 23rd July 2011 at Roundway Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire UK!

You have taken in so many ions and oxygen, which are poisoning your systems. This olive green skin tone you are lacking is because the melanin in your body is deficient of a vital molecule called magnesium. Many people think that melanin is suppose to make your skin color brown, however it doesn't. Magnesium was lost from the melanin and that was when iron with water and oxygen, it rusts. This rusting that the Nuwaubian experience brings about brown skin tone. Now it is no longer the magnesium that is dominant, but the iron when mixed with water and oxygen: both elements are essential to your life, and is what turns your skin color brown instead of green. 
                                                                                                                                                         The Lamb
Third Phase of The Moon

​Could the men in black have been the tall grey aliens that are reported from time to time?

Could the men in black have been the tall grey aliens that are reported from time to time?Perhaps
Its Real
Dont believe it
hard to tell
How do colors affect our vision?

Different colors are detected by the eyes by the sensory cones (link to bio) which detect the level of stimulation of red, green and blue. But since different colors take different combinations of cones to work, each color affects our vision in a slightly different way. For example, have you noticed how a glaring yellow poster seems to jump out at you, as opposed to a light pleasant blue? Do you get uncomfortable when there are way too many bright colors in front of you, so that your eyes feel weary and you see the colors even after you close your eyes?
The sense of sight, which humans presume is centered only in the eyes, in fact can occur on the surface of the skin, as experiences of the blind attest.
Light rays striking any living surface can be sensed and sorted out. 

The sense of sound likewise can be experienced outside of the ear, as vibrations. 
Taste and touch share similarities, as they are immediate reactions to chemicals affecting the living surface. 

The eyes are not only sensitive to colors, they also have rods which are sensitive to the grayscale; that is, the light intensity. What happens when the rods are over-stimulated (like what happened to the red cones)? Well, when you look at an area of sharply contrasting light intensities, you make things difficult for the rods. They have to work hard to adjust to the large amount of light reflected by the white (80%) as well as to the very small amount reflected by black (5%). This strains the rods, so that when you look away, you see an afterimage of grey; like the afterimage of green and blue you saw after seeing red.

Researchers learned that a whopping 15 percent 200 to 300 of the genes on the second chromosome in women, thought to be submissive and junk, lolling about on an evolutionary Victorian fainting couch, are active, giving women a significant increase in gene expression over men.                              The FactFinders
​If you look carefully, you can you see the crescent moon in gold, holding up the round wafer inside the ring. Let see what happens when the crescent moon gets the sun shining in the center of the image.

The Pope lifts up an ancient symbol of the Sun God, carried by a gold piece formed like the crescent moon. In Ancient Egypt, this was a symbol of the Mother of Gods, Isis.

Actually the worship
of the virgin, 
"Mother of God" with her .
God-begotten child, far predates 
Christianity and prevailed 
throughout the ancient world.
Historians recognize that the statue of the Egyptian Goddess Isis with her child Horus in her arms was the first Madonna and Child. They were renamed Mary and Jesus when Europe was forcibly Christianized. The worship of Isis and Horus was especially popular in ancient Rome. "Roman legions carried this figure of Black Isis holding the Black infant Horus all over Europe where shrines were established to her. So holy and venerate were these shrines that when Christianity invaded Europe, these figures of the Black Isis holding the Black Horus were not destroyed but turned into figures of the Black Madonna and Child. Today these are still the holiest shrines in Catholic Europe." Titles such as Our Lady, The Great Mother, are the same titles attributed to Isis. The word "Madonna" itself is from mater domina, a title used for Isis! The month of May, which was dedicated to the heathen Virgin Mothers, is also the month of Mary, the Christian Virgin.

​Imaging studies published in Nature indicate that in women, neurons on both sides of the brain are activated when they are listening, while in men, neurons on only one side of the brain are activated. When negotiating a virtual reality maze, men use both the left and right hippocampus for the task. To accomplish the same task, women use the right hippocampus and the right prefrontal cortex. 
These studies suggest that while men and women are in the same situation their experiences might be different. Rutgers University's Helen Fisher conducts research on what men's and women's brains look like when they fall in love. For men, the most active regions of the brain are related to visual stimuli and penile erection. Whereas with women, several regions affiliated with emotions and memory recall become active.