Peace to The ZU!
 Reverse osmosis water units remove too many minerals from the water that our body needs and is too acid for the body to help the over acid condition.

1. slow change in concentration: the diffusion of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane from a dilute to a more concentrated solution  
2. gradual absorption: the gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure rather than deliberate learning 
She seemed to have picked up a working knowledge of Greek by osmosis.  

1.Dave of Pull the Curtain Back Production working on music for films. 2. liqdachemist on way to narration. 3. Dave of "Pull the Curtain Back" working hard on Documentary. 4S. Hubbard of production crew at office putting in work.

As members of the family of light, you know the inside scoop, Film Night/Think Tank sessions are always powerful!  We blue print, network and plan for a better future.  We come as ambassadors to make realities merge and to become more informed with in ourselves so that every one involved can release fear and become uninhibited.

    We (The Balance Project) bring our version of things to bring you into higher consciousness. We do not wish to say that this version and only this version is how it is! This whole teaching is designed with a great purpose in mind, and the stories we tell you are set up to take you to higher planes of consciousness, that! Is our intention.

Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare you for film nights and Think Tank sessions.
Or for more information, call us at:  (609) 447-1034


Members of the family of light don’t go into systems alone, they go in as teams. You need each other to do this work, because one cant hold the frequency by your self. By going in as teams, you increase the odds of successfully carrying out the plan.

As members of the family of light, you know the inside scoop, you come asambassadors to make realities merge and to become more informed with in themselves so that every one involved can release fear and become uninhibited.

Focus on the dance of your self, to what tune will you dance? And to what magic will you perform? and what heights will you be willing to push consciousness to give it a new definition of possibilities.
We are aware, that you are magnificent beings, members of the family of light, and your children come to earth at this time on assignment to make a change, create a shift and assist in the transition. 
You where told before you came here, that you will have much assistance and at different junctures of your development different entities will present themselves upon the planet in different capacities to trigger you, fire you up and remind you, not to do it for you.

We are one of those triggers a catalyst . When you here the name The Balance Project, feel a connection, because we are assisting you in bringing your own information, your own knowing forward. We are one of those triggers a catalyst . When you here the name The Balance Project, feel a connection, which triggers a catalyst. When you here the name The Balance Project, feel a connection, because we are assisting you in bringing your own information, your own knowing forward.
The God Oscar of the BP and R. Simmons
1. Khaaliq of the B.P. and Born From Born Builders @ the Under Ground.  2. We teach the females. 3. We teach the men their language and powerful past. 4. Film nights & presentations with the think Tank. 5. Julian (Jewel )of the BP @ the historical underground Railroad. 6. Ms. Calloway and friends @ Historical underground.  7. Ez of the BP staying sharp on the issue at play, someone saying something suspect!? 8. From New Jeru to Ghana, and around the world, we (The BP) will continue to make the rich connections on our journey to world peace.

Da God Dave of Pull the curtain Back
Film Nights- Fact Finders - The ThinkTank  and  Language sessions

​Just another powerful scientist of the BP, in Vegas on the move keeping our knowing forward.  Da Andre L.

"ENERGY".... IS FORMED IN YOUR BODY by the oxidation of nutrient content via a complex enzymatic process within your cells. You only last a few minutes when this process is deprived of oxygen.    ENERGIZE YOURSELF NATURALLY! 
Caffeine Free and All Natural:  The only True Energy Source 
Enhanced with 78 minerals, 34 enzymes & 17 amino acids.

Researchers learned that a whopping 15 percent - 200 to 300 - of the genes on the second X chromosome in women, thought to be submissive and inert, lolling about on an evolutionary Victorian fainting couch, are active, giving women a significant increase in gene expression over men.

We need organizations, focus groups and community leaders to help us with our agenda, and that’s "valuing the woman, not degrading them."
Come learn multiple languages....
Liq and Huni
​​The Balance Project Veterans Campaigns Honor our elders and Serve Purple Heart Veterans every Thursday. We Feed the Homeless, Teach the Children and Respect our elders. Efrem and Mr. Webb  of the B.P. addressing our Veterans on the Cancer Kit and Up and coming Films series.

Driven by the heart, one will never make an errant decision from a spiritual standpoint. 

Before you do something that will affect another, put yourself in that other's place, and imagine the consequences of your action. This is generally known as the Golden Rule, 'do unto others'.
​The Service-to-Others entity has different goals, to assist others with their problems and to work jointly toward mutual goals.
When Building with others, it moves toward clarifying the goals of the group, and then volunteering, a role in reaching those goals.

Khaaliq of the Balance Project Pushing the B.P. pushing the Train of the B.P.
Peace to the Balance ProjectFact Finders, Pull
The Curtain Back Productions and The ThinkTank
Spending Q.T.  as representatives of each movement celebrate one of our family members accomplishment.

The Balance Project recognizes those who express a desire to give back to our communities. As inspirational as he is talented, ZuLife (Jay Sykes) takes a time out to share his story with some students from Willingboro High School. This very talented young man is also an entrepreneur.
With the help of a loving family, he is realizing his vision through the development of HOTEP Inc., a non-profit organization that realizes the importance of service to others. His debut mix tape CD, "MR. SILVERBACK", is a driving force behind a movement unlike any other.
                             The BP wishes to say; Hotep to ZuLife and HOTEP Inc.!
The late Dr. Mona Harrison
whom died under mysterious circumstances (presuming of congested heart failure), was the foremost expert in the Science of Water (Waters of Life). She is also the former Director of the International Water Council. Dr. Mona Harrison received her (degrees and) medical training at the University of Maryland, Harvard University and the Boston University Medical Centers. She is the former assistant dean of the Boston University School of Medicine and former chief medical officer at the Washington, D.C. General Hospital. She directed the trauma center, emergency center, and outpatient services. Prior to her passing, she specialized in pediatrics and family medicine. 

​ Working in concert with special scientists from around the world, she developed a particular kinship with several water experts from Japan who had studied with Russian Scientists in this field. She later became one of the distributors of certain Electrolysis Machines and other special waters with healing properties for humanity. To this end she devoted the latter part of her life's work as a service to humanity.

May Dr. Mona Harrison, MD. walk with the Ancestors with HONOR!
• Cancer tumors cannot live in alkaline water. All cancer patients should be on alkaline water, and you and I should be drinking alkalized water so our bodies won’t provide an environment for cancer tumors to live.
• Cysts are the beginning of tumors, which lead to cancer because minerals are deficient from that part of the body. Cancer is a long period of mineral deficiency caused by an over acid condition of the body.
• Alkaline water is fantastic for insomnia and colic.
• The brain is 90% water and when it can’t maintain that percentage it will pull water from all other parts of the body.
• Salt, caffeine, nicotine, valium, alcohol and sugar put your body out of balance. If we don’t keep our blood pH at 7.3 or above, death will occur. In fact, death will occur if the blood pH goes below .

​The vets and elders are enjoying the B.P."CANCER KIT MENU." It consist of many positive cell production foods. 
​What good is a spirit that will go behind the curtain to chuck down
Food for him and his family, knowing one is near and cramped with 
Hunger? In any case, the physical will die, it’s the soul that accumulates the damage of the selfish.
                                                     The Balance Project
​Dietary factors account for at least 30 percent of all cancers in Western countries and up to 20 percent in developing countries. When cancer researchers started to search for links between diet and cancer, one of the most noticeable findings was that people who avoided meat were much less likely to develop the disease. Large studies have showed that vegetarians were about 40 percent less likely to develop cancer compared to meat eaters. Explore the wonders of fruit and vegetables and the dangers of flesh eating. 
Learn your signs and symbols
​-The Balance Project teams with the 
Purple Heart Veterans To Rehab our elders, Disabled and veterans through diet and dialog. Every Thursday 6-8pm 
Willingboro Kennedy Center,
Willingbro N.J.
​We break bread with healthy meals and positive
information to raise the consciousness of all groupings.
Original Buffulo Soldiers and Vietnam Vets Just Being Brothers.
Every Thursday 6 to 8 p.m. Willingboro N.J.
Peace To Erving og the B.P. Chopping that fruit to serve the disabled, elderly and veterans.
Born Alexander Of Born Builders, Building on Various issues In Princeton N.J.