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Out of My Darkness
The Miracle of our Creator's greatest gift to mankind, our birth.  It speaks of our creation in that sacred darkness where only God had eyes to see and create us all.  It tells of the journey among the stars and through the twilight of the galaxies of the heavenly dimensions as we grew and bonded with all things, as one.  It speaks of that precious and sacred process of our birth into mortality where only God could allow such to happen.  It speaks of God's one sacred demand to take us in our purity and prepare us with the knowledge and wisdom to allow us to travel that pathway of life back to that darkness from wince we came.

Out of My Darkness 
A very powerful message conveyed in it to all who will have the opportunity to hear it.   
A most needed and powerful CD,  A Collectors Item to cherish for time to come. 
$20.00            All prices with our movements are under cost.  

                   BY MR.JAMES L. WEBB