We, have always argued the fact that reading, just doesn't consist of font and sentences. The body is consistant when it comes to receiving data. Remember, we all are students and teachers to one another. So learning to read people (body language) and filtering their "b.s. dialog," (if any) can be very challenging but very important.  The lack of knowing when picking a significant other can turn ugly and often fatal. Indeed, it is a know fact "people take more time picking a car for themselves, then they do picking a significant other" Ask the average female to describe the man they most desire? The list would look probably something like this:

  • Tall
  • Intelligent
  • Athletic/sexy
  • Love kids
  • Funny 
  • Sensitive to your feelings
  • Multi tasked                                    

"Broken family, broken child, broken adult". Liqdachemist The Balance Project
Across cultures, family disruption has been regarded as an event that threatens a child's well-being and even survival. This view is rooted in a fundamental biological fact. The social arrangement that has proved most successful in ensuring the physical survival and promoting the social development of the child is the family unit of the biological mother and father. Consequently, any event that permanantly denies a child the presence and protection of a parent, jeopardizees the life of the child. 
Today's historical level of family disruption should be viewed with alarm and as a national crisis. Most broken families, ingage in other dissrupted families as the cycle of confusion worsen. In 1974 divorce passed death as the leading cause of family break-up. Out of wedlocked rate differential went from 5% in the 1960s to 27% in the 90s. Today, never before has so many children experiance family break-up caused by events other than death. Every year over a million children go through family breakup and just as many are born out of wedlock.

Children that are victums of family break up at an early age go through many levels of seperation anxiety, resulting in several changes in learning, diet and behavior. Though, some children become very successful
in their education, they still are broken. A "silent suffering" that lingers within over the issue of their nucleus
going amuck. Most children that witness their mother and father break-up at an early age, witness another, if
not several more by time their teenagers. It can be very challenging to a child that has to endure moms 
emotional roller coaster of so-called "lovelife."​ The more she dates her mates, the more changes her emotions will
experiance, thus affecting the children emotionally. From the alcohol drinker, to the religious,  to the con-artist,
she adjust to these individuals, not knowing hidden motives, or his or her historical family backround.


Does these images of the family unit, affect your child psychologically?
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FAMILY Fam-i-ly  (fam-e-le) 
a. A  Fundamental social group in society typically consisting of parents and their
offspring. b.two or more people who share goals and values, have commitments
to one another, and resides usu. in the same place. 2. All the members of a household under one roof. 3. A group or persons sharing common ancestory.
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"At the heart of every successful relationship lies respect. And at the heart of every doomed relationship lies dis-respect." Liqdachemist of the Balance Project
Many times pedophiles will develop a close relationship with a single parent in order to get close to their children. Once inside the home, they have many opportunities to manipulate the children-using guilt, fear, and love to confuse the child. If the child's parent works, it offers the pedophile the private time needed to abuse the child.

Conflicting information for children of single parents can be very confusing for the children. The separated biological parent may tell children "sugar is no good for them" when step parent may be saying "its ok." Mothers, seem to turn a blind eye to prove their loyalty to the so called "new guy."Positive communication is very important for all involved, it gives birth to less confusion. 

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Relationships are tough, humans struggle with personal issues that henders them from having a positve and healthy relationships. First, the behavioral shaping system in which we live doesn't promote healthy positve relationships. The system in fact promotes unhealthy diets, relationships and bad behavior. The system has a target, and thats the lower-self. The higher self and lower self become enemies. Thus, the relationship with self becomes confusing. "Why God make me anyway?", "What will I be?", "When am I going to die?", "Why me?" etc....the relationship with self can become very chaotic. You don't have to add into the equation relationships with parents,siblings, friends, nieghbors and their pets. They're in a psychic battle themselves. So, before you go looking into relationships, try building a relationship withself. Learn to love thy self, honor thy self, respect thyself, being true to thyself is essential to your overall being.                       
                                "Oposites attract, so watch the mate you pick "

The man she really desires to have and have attraction to is a man that's gonna;

  • One that's gonna cheat on me every chance he gets.
  • One that's gonna structure his life around alcohol.
  • One that's gonna gamble our bill money away.
  • One who is just  satisfied with hardship, and complains.
  • One who is abusive verbally and physically.
  • One who is selfish in most of his deeds.
"Ladies-The reason why your man don't like to go anyplace in public with you, is because he doesn't want to have to address you." 

       One who has knoweledge of self and his environment.
  • One who stays fit & health conscious.
  • One who can protect the family.
  • Fix things around the house, the basics on motor vehicles, cook and wash clothing.
  • One who seeks to make a positive change in his family and community.
  • One who will help his mate in your goals and visions.
  • One who sees you as an equal.
  • One who can withstand hardship without running out on family.
  • One whom has a healthy and positive outlook on life.

  • One who has knowledge of self and her environment.
  • One who can protect the family.
  • Fix things around the house, know the basics of motor vehicles, cook and wash clothing.
  • One who will suport his positive visions, and goals.
  • One who see you as a equal.
  • One who can withstand hardship without breaking the family.
  • One who has a healthy and positive outlook on life.

"Man doesn't rule over woman by intellect....he rules over by brute strength"
The Temptation
Sometimes under the right circumstances, you don't know what you will do.
Studies show that 75% of relationships which start with out as affairs end in failure. Because it was weaved off deceit​.

A bad thing can happen when one of deception has and equal attraction to the other..........they talk.​

Rebuilding trust is indeed difficult, however, it becomes easyer over time, when you replace bad habits with good habits.

You have to be consistant in showing your changes are going to last. When trying to regain trust & repairing your relationship.

An emotional affair, can become a sexual affair.

14% of women in the U.S. Admit to having an affair.

If you hold on to the hurt & pain, you
will only become an angry & bitter person. That's not good for others you or the children.

Love and forgiveness have to go hand and hand.

Failure in family relationships, is often the source of their childrens pain.

​At the heart of any successful relationship lies respect.

At the heart of any doomed    relationship lies disrespect.
​"Never be the source of anothers pain."
A bunch of complaining without posing an alternative, offers nothing.
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Opposites attract so watch the mate you pick.