​"Try to avoid divorce to the maximum possible extent." In this regard he proposed 6 solutions to prevent divorce which will help in strengthening the bond between a husband and a wife.

 Broken family, Broken child
             Broken adult
In a selfish society, it is not uncommon to find a child bright future uprooted by a breakdown in the relationship between the parents. Most children suffer from experiencing high conflict cases where parents are unaware of better alternatives. Thus, many children loose
all contact with a loving and caring parent. These situations involve severe emotional pain for the child, and leave the child emotionally scarred for life. The loving and carring parent that have been severed from the family, also go through a spiritual crippling as well. 
Our focus is on the rights of children to have meanningful relationships with both parents regardless of divorce and seperation.

Divorce and family break-up is a complex process that usually controlled by high price self serving professional, judges, and social workers that are just bordem from the same old money cycle of family court. In many cases the family have little input even though it will forever change their lives. The family involved thats suposed to be helped by the system are frequently leftout of the peaceful solution arena. Instead they are handed standard solutions that do not only damage the parent/child relationship but it worsens the community they come from. 

Our primary goal is to help our members take control of the process and achieve better solutions for their children, families and themselves. So become a member and help bridge the gap between broken families. We offer monthly seminars and workshops
that present positive solutions.

  • Free monthly thearapy groups where our members have an opportunity to exchange ideas related to their specific problems with other members. Guest speakers are freguently featured, and subjects cover a variety of areas.
  • Assistance from members who can help with legal proceedings 
  • Assistance to members who want to heal from family break-up. This usually results in better solutions for members and their families, at a reduced emotional and monetary costs.
  • Trips with family and children, member cook-outs and activities
  • Dinner parties honoring members for their positive change, and overcoming the evil system of family disruption.
  • Enjoy play skits that touch base with your family and friends.
  • Become aware of the family court fraud and constitutional violations you may be experiencing


  • Have more trouble in school
  • Children from one parent families score poorly on test of reading, mathematics and thinking skills. 
  • Children from one parent families are 3.3 times more likely to report problems with academic work and 50% more likely to report
  • difficulties with teachers.


  • Its has been estimated that family break-up inturn put children at more risk of developing health problems by 50%.
  • The population seems to be oblivious to how much emotional distress can alter the physical and environment.
  • Children living in one-parent households were 1.8 times as likely to have psychosomatic health symptoms and
  • illness  such as pains, headaches, stomach aches, and feeling sad.


According to data from the National Society For the prevention of cruelty to children (NSPCC), young children are five times more likely to have experianced physical abuse and emotional maltreatment if they grew up in a single parent home compared to children in two
birth parent households. All studies of child-abuse victims which look at family types, identify the step-family as representing the higher risk to children-with the risk of fatal abuse being 100 time higher than in two biological parents families

The issues.....


The use of the term step-father has become problematic, as it use to refer to men who were married to the woman with children by another man or men. It is now used to describe any man in the household, whether, married to the woman or not. Righteous stepfathers
seem to do better. Often stepfathers give conflicting information that challanges the biological father information, causing confusion simply because of lack of communication between biological parents. Children that are victims of family distruption at a young age are more likely to witness another break-up by the time the become teenagers. This emotional roller coaster the child experiance become ever more confusing for the childs overall well being and perspective in regards of relationships. 


In one American study, adolescents whose parents divorced tended to have increased levels of externalisng problems (agressive and delinquent behaviour) and internalising problems (emotional distress, such as depression). in most cases, this was due to a reduction of quality by the parent, with her being loyal to all other dynamics of raising the child, the quality reduces. Moreover, a lack of quality is fueled when she's into being commited to her love life. Showing loyalty to her next romance, which is normaly temparary, contributes to emotional distress and many other forms of depression.

Its about a commitment to foster a healthy and balanced relationship to both mom and dad. Its about extended family, and children having the opportunity to learn from both parents so that all invovled will become more successful individuals with a healthier outlook on life and family.    

"fathers you have to feed her honey…not vinegar"
                                                                             Ez of the Balance Project
1.Unwanted Issues:- Well, every one knows where actually the quarrel begins. Getting disappointed for small issues, expressing anger with out any reason, insulting and neglecting each other are some of the reasons. But if we sit calmly have a chat then we may feel like the reason for which we are fighting is baseless rather useless.

2.Listen to Each Other: - Talking with each other bridges the gap between the two. Talking in the sense is to know each others thoughts, feelings and emotions. Because "our dear ones are the only one who take care about our future".

3.Be like friends: - Behave like a husband and a wife when you are speaking to a third person but be like friends by sharing your feelings and emotions without hiding anything. After all, it is you who live together till the end.

4.Disappointments and Dis-satisfactions: - The climate in this world is not the same all the time. In the same way the atmosphere at our home may not be the same. Always there are some or the other kind of disappointments and dissatisfaction, getting along with all these will make a relation to cherish for a long time.

5.Personal Neatness: - The attraction between a couple remains for a long time if they have fair thoughts, sweet words, clean clothes, good habits and many other such reasons.

6.Honesty and Trust: - A healthy relation between a husband and a wife exists only when they are honest in their relation and have trust in each other.

If one you are at fault, accept it! Don't poke him/her for the mistake committed for their lifetime. If not, this may end up the relation to break up.