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It's becoming increasingly obvious, that the MBC (men behind the curtain) are fully aware of the higher self lower self systems  thus expose the opposites. The MBC designed a system that is unsuitable for the true nature of man. Higher self systems consist of higher mathematics,architecture, consciousness etc. Lower self systems target sex,drugs,war, fear and individualism. Local media today is a perfect of example of shock and all negative images. Stories fueled by deception and sexual content with a twist of Hollywood presentation, and you get a desensitized behavior shaping community that will fall deeper into darkness each generation. The Monetary system and media makes it spin faster, with fear,individualism and the love of money as fuel.

THE CONTRADICTIONS  adults speak out both sides of the mouth when it comes to bad behavior, and use it as the core solution to most their problems society deal with. Sports such as footballBoxing, and UFC  involve the deliberate injury of their opponents.  Even the biggest entertainment distribution center in the world (Hollywood) presents conflict resolutions via the gun, knives, yelling or simply torching their opponent, but yet when this is expressed by your children its taken as bad behavior. Reality shows are in the constant with their actions, yelling, fighting, and emotional choices as a solution to problems.  Institutional bad behavior and police brutality is condoned while white collar crime by members of the elite classes is forgiven. 

Educational representatives also display bad behavior via mental, physical and sexual abuse of the children
THE MESSAGE Children in the sand box or playpen can clobber each other over the head, throw things at each other and simulate murderous instincts in their graphic play with dolls with hardly a second thought from their parents. A child may by temporarily separated from the other its hurting, and the victim comforted. The behavior being unacceptable is hardly communicated, but what is communicated is that the behavior has limits. Violence is o.k. but making Tomeeka scream while mommy is trying to chat and demands quiet it's not o.k. The child begins to express violent behavior when authorities aren't looking.That's the message! 

When parents aren't around or chatting/cooking, kicking Patty or pinching Pam is o.k.
Habits developed early in a child's life can be hard to break as they become adults. This is showcased via media everyday as adults continue to display selfish bad behavior.
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Behavior Shaping Systems
Dominating Behavior and Dominating
          Consider well 
every choice you make
What do violent games say about   a human society???

From performance-enhancing supplements to bias referee/official abuse, fights, guns and recorded crimes, the image of sports as a positive influence on athletes and children may need a second look.
What do violent games say about human society?
Is your child being bullied?

Quarter Order Issue
BAD BEHAVIOR....have you ever yelled or punished your child for "behaving bad"?? Well, check the next adult that enters your mist. Watch any channel and you will see children in adult bodies, displaying some form of bad behavior.
Police brutality