build [bild]
v (past and past participle built [bilt], present participle build·ing, 3rd person present singular builds) 
make something by joining parts: to make a structure by putting the parts of it together to build a wall 
 have something built: to have a building or other structure made 
• form or develop: to form or develop something such as an enterprise or a relationship, or be formed or developed 
• building a solid business reputation 
 to increase or mount steadily 
• Tension is starting to build. 

build·er [bíldər]
(plural build·ers) 
Somebody who builds: a person or company engaged in building or repairing houses or other large structures 

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Anthony Ruffin

​ Our thoughts are, the big energy corporations have become obsolete in this day in time, therefore, it is time for the products that Born Builders Inc. will provide for the less fortunate neighborhoods, cities, and communities, that will create jobs, beautify the area, and keep the economy thriving, thus moving forward, "why can't all the hard working people enjoy good communities, and nice homes?" Our people built the pyramids, so a home is easy!!! 

​Many companies have already discovered the benefits of deploying renewable energy at their business locations. These benefits can include: Reducing Energy Cost: Certain renewable energy technologies are already competitive with traditional sources of power and can offer immediate cost savings. Most renewable energy technologies provide a hedge against possible future price increases or volatility.
The Department of Energy estimates that about 20% of the energy you use at home powers electrical appliances like televisions, DVD players, stereos, coffee makers, toasters & microwaves- even when they're turned off. 

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   Born Builders inc.
"Adding on to the planet, to make the Earth a better place"

Did you know that just one wind turbine can produce enough electricity to power up to 300 homes? Or that biomass is actually stored solar energy?

Alexander Kettles
operations in the field

Did you know,The ancient ones harnessed the weather to benifit the environment and their community?Yes
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We at Born Builders, take pride in the fact that we are bringing "zero energy" off the grid energy homes to the lower income residents of the inner cities. 

When it comes to size, bigger is better. The bigger the wind turbine, the more wind it reaches and the more electricity it produces.

We can use solar power in two different ways - as a heat source, and as an energy source.

Products & Services
• electrical services
• carpentry services
• plumbing services
• education
• roofing