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Feeding Hungry Minds

We are aware that hungry minds ache just like hungry bellies, so using our resouces, through our better You, better Me model  one mind at a time is a simple way for donors to sponsor a child in need with one new or gently used book. The 
brain is designed to recieve positive and true information. Learning new things strengthen the brain.

Two Donors help One Family in Need
Most of us are eager to help but our own finances can sometimes make giving difficult. Our one-on-one model is a new, more affordable way to sponsor a family.... by sharing a sponsorship with another online donor. You sign up for sponsorship and donate half the usual amount and we™ll automatically match your donation with another 2-for-1 donor. Or sign up with a friend. Donations dont have to be financial, gently used household items and clothing will help all within our networking circle.
In the fall of 2002 The New York Times ran a series of articles on poverty in the U.S. One of those articles described the township of Pembroke, Illinois, a community so poor that many houses had dirt floors and there were tires on the roofs to keep them from blowing away.

The BETTER YOU, BETTER ME campaign is designed to serve those needy families in their dire struggle to recovery. Everyday we witness fmailies become victIms of fires, homicides, family break-up, missing persons, homlessness and abuse. With your curiosity and positive thoughts,
we can build a strong networking community that will strengthen all involved.
"Building brighter Futures Youth by Youth."
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Empowers youth who are homless, abandoned, abused, or at-risk to lead healthy, productive lives.
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Felipe Santos, from Mexico, and Terrance Williams, a black man, had little in common until about eight years ago. That was when they disappeared three months apart in the Naples area, both of them right after crossing paths with sheriff's Deputy Steven Calkins. Investigations by local, state and federal authorities went nowhere. Calkins, who is white, denied doing anything more than dropping off the young men at different convenience stores. He was never charged but was fired after he stopped cooperating with investigatorsThe men's families were left to wonder and grieve after public interest faded.

Calkins was investigated after it was learned that he had given rides in his patrol car to two men now considered missing, Terrance Williams, 29, and Felipe Santos, 24, who disappeared in October 2003.


Knowing yur child is missing and the feeling of them not being safe can be horrifying.  Help us monitor our adults and kids from abuse and abduction.
"Every woman is a briskhouse"

The Balance Project is a non-profit organization, located in New Jersey, that offers a variety of fine art and educational programs. It's mission is to enrich our children's knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding on life. We teach the youth, as well as adults, how to appreciate the arts and the variety of ideas that it represents and evokes.

Being social take skill, network with businesses, big or small as we link together to make our communities more safe, peaceful and fun.

David Hanschen another whistle blowing Judge on the
Former Family Court Judge & Whistle Blower  Deann Salcido
Family Court-Women are forced to aggressively confront the political-social-economic bios causes behind the imprisonment of their own sisters and brothers of their community.

Join The Balance Project "Fathers Who love their Children"
or "The Balance Project" We Want Our Sistas Back Campaign."

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