2013 -first quarter of the new cycle, the B.P. started networking with Rev. Williams of Mt. Airy United Fellowship. They have open their doors for our knowing.
German town Center in the Park-has open their doors to the B.P 12 times a year for presentations/lectures and Q & A.  

2nd quarter a rep. for the B.P. traveled to Jacksonville Tallahassee and Thomasville ATL, to continue our movement and Knowing via "SISTAHS 
Back " campaign. 

Veterans Campaign - The B.P. has networked with the Purple hearts veterans affairs and will be serving them as we honor them with our Dietary knowing. Moreover, the B.P. has started production on the Veterans and Homecoming issues.


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Every Community should have a
          Balance Project

​We (The Balance Project ) lean toward Service-to-Others, our group ponder what the needs of those around them are, and how their talents might best serve. 
The Balance project successes and successes
1999-(TBP) Founded
2000-Balance mag. was created
2001-(TBP) reached out to all charity groups in Burlington county area. TBP suffered a great loss via the passing of loved ones, that caused a shift in the movement. 
2002-TBP networked with Blikka clothing and model  agency. TBP, made small contributions and agreed upon a  major deal, until our alarm was raised when noticing the integrity of the buisness did not match ours. Thus, we pulled out.

Interested in learning more?
We, the Balance Project, respect all life forms even such life forms as plants and insects. When it comes to nourishing ourselves we destroy as little life as possible and are in the main, vegetarian in our practice. Air-foods, sustained by light, is what we consume. We definitely do not hunt or fish for sport, and the thought of harboring domestic animals and humans in boring unfit quarters disturbs us.  We are fully aware of the virtual torture being done in the name of human food production, and feel its a global crime.
The Balance Project mission is to develop, through an active partnership with the community, self- sufficient citizens who possess the Right Knowledge, Skills, Self-esteem, and Motivation to continue individual growth, solve complex problems, and respect cultural differences.
Our dialogue is peace, and we welcome all the wise to teach. We are addicted to knowledge and research. We are passionate advocates against family breakup, the harboring of humans and animals in boring unfit quarters; alcohol abuse; child abuse; homelessness; and abuse to elders. Our passion is compassion, so
how do we feel about issues like homosexuality/lesbianism? We are not for it nor against it. Remember, we are of service to others. We, spend our time caring for, not throwing rocks and fighting one another. 
         Peace to the Gods, blessed be the Mathematics and all the science of life. 
love life

​2003-Charity units 100lbs of adult and teen clothing was disbursed  to The Crossroads Program. ​ 662 main st Mt. Holly, N.J.
70lbs of baby essentials was delivered to The Crossroads program 950 Jacksonville Road
Burlington N.J. TBP-Donated 2-units of teen & adult shoes, 5 units of toys & 3 units of baby/teen/adult clothing to The Cross Roads Program 610 Beverly-Rancocas Road Willingboro, NJ. TBP-Catered B-day party in Trenton N.J. for Dezarae of Edgewater Park, N.J.  and they loved our food.

Fall of 2003 members of TBP attended NJSBDC New Jersey Small Business Developement Center. Rutgers School of Business-325 Cooper st.Camden.
2004 TBP-Reached out to Families Finding Hope, Self help and advocacy group MT.Holly NJ.

From 2005-2010 TBP faded but their core values didn't. As they all suffered individual struggles, their righteousness and positive outlook on life has strengthened their integrity.  In 2010 TBP, had been robbed of all equipment & software, an it hurt us deeply. Soon after TBP networked with the FACTFINDERS a research group based in N.J., Indeed this group has become a great asset to us. 
2011-TBP networked with the think-tank (focus group) and Pull the curtain back productions, a film production crew. We are honored to have them apart of our family.

3rd quarter of 2011 TBP linked up with BRICKHOUSE COUTURE a female empowerment group, based in N.J. peace to them and their movement. 2012 The BP connected with Greenhouse, T.E.L.L. a teen focus group of south Jersey & Kingdoms Boxing Gems of Burlington N.J. with the Historic underground Road of Burlington N.J.. Add it all up and you have what you see. 
The last quarter of 2012, the BP have become networking partners with Winning Traditions. Winning Traditions is a producer of copyrighted, original audio, written and graphic art works.  We have a limited edition of beautifully produced collectibles. Founded By Mr. James L. Webb.  Born Builders a construction contracting company, that specializes in new home
construction bringing "zero energy" off the grid energy homes to the lower income residents of the inner cities.