Polish your skills or learn new ones...
"B-Boy" groups are welcomed, Do you have skills? Join us as we build on show ideas; dance competitions; how your skills will be used in play skits; enjoy video productions and networking with other groups and artist; how we explore each-others creativity in focus groups; Poets,are more than welcome. So come be apart of the Balance Project Artstart program. 

The Balance Project is a non-profit organization located in, New Jersey, that offers a variety of fine arts and educational programs. Its mission is to enrich our children's knowledge, wisdom and overstanding on life. We teach youth and adults how to appreciation the arts and the variety of ideas it represents and evokes.

The Hate report
Reading  just doesnt consist of font and sentences, learn to read people ans environment..
Note: Artist who are picked to become members, will be involed in various events and Entertainment packages. 
CLASSIC BATTLE Rocksteady vs N.Y.C. B-boys...
                        at the ROXY
Jimmy Castor original version of Hip Hop B-boy Classic "Just Begun"
Featured Poet